Obama’s America, the military 

6 Apr

Trying to describe President Obama’s vision of America, can’t be done in one sit in. His leadership has been spastic at best, insidious at its worse. He has placed in the highest positions of our military, people who are less than qualified to preform at the level that is required in today’s environment. They’ve been selected, not for their ability to wage war, but for their ability to implement social change. God help us all!

Home work 

19 Mar

Folks keep in mind, that if you have four hours worth of outside to do’s, you will guaranteed, get no help, and it’s very likely to turn into twelve hours worth of chores! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Man cave invasion

15 Mar

Ladies, When you work out of your garage, any intrusion can easily be as an act of war! This is what I recently encountered, I had no idea how much clothing my wife actually had. I work from home actually a two car garage, it started with a harmless box, now I can’t even fit a motorcycle in there! I’m thinking, a intervention is needed!

In Obama’s mind

13 Mar

Help me out here, Mr. President, who was it that quoted Sean Connery’s character in the 1987 movie “The Untouchables”?  And you’ve said worse, so can a sitting President be charged with inciting violence? Oh well, another “first” to be added to the list.

And still we wonder?

12 Mar

In Ohio, a 17 year old can vote, yet they are still considered as a dependent at 27?

In universities all across this nation, opposition speech is being quashed, and yet they claim to be centers of enlightenment? 

In cities and towns, we have people protesting against police brutality, and yet the very ones who wrote the laws the police are enforcing get a free pass?

It’s bad enough when we lie to each other, but the lying to ourselves has got to stop!

As for me, I have an engine to work on!

Spring is coming, and I’m not ready!

12 Mar

First, relax! We have a couple of weeks yet. I start with “The List”, a simple yet daunting set of must do things like fertilize the lawn, tuneup the mower, (and yes, sharpening the blade is part of a tuneup). Then there’s the dreaded Honey do list, (we’ll ignore that till it gives us a headache, and we run out of excuses!) Either way, it’s coming, and I welcome it!

Simple lawn care tips, if you’re  reseeding, wait till your second cut to apply weed killer.

Cut your grass high, it will help cut the amount of water needed, and make it harder on the weeds to sprout!

If you mulch, (strongly recommended) use a crosscut pattern, this will ensure grass clippings are fine, and retun nutrients to the soil.

Suck it in Men, the ladies are watching!

The circus is in town

7 Mar

With the campaigns in full swing, all I’m seeing is a 3 ring circus. 

     In 1 ring we have the “Fat Lady”, juggling an investigation into her handling of classified documents, and a campaign. 

    In ring #2 is the clown, the favorite of most, though some have an irrational (or so they think) fear of. He’s out there (in more ways than one) with out a filter between his brain and his mouth. 

    And of course, no circus is complete without a Ring Master. He just wants everyone to be happy and “equal”, and he knows that the only way for that to happen, is to lower everyone down to the same level. Think I’ll get me some popcorn!

ATF Publishes Falsified Gun Tracking Data to Mislead Public

7 Aug

Stacking the deck, and they wonder why no one trusts them?

Cognition Emission

ATF's William Newell

Excerpted from Katie Pavlich – Townhall:

Yesterday afternoon, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms released firearms tracing data to the press from Mexico between the years 2007-2011 during a roundtable discussion and presentation given by ATF Special Agent John Hageman. The data was released at ATF headquarters in Washington D.C. Reporters were allowed to bring pen and paper, but were prohibited from bringing computers or recording devices.  When we arrived, despite prohibiting the use of computers, ATF gave us a flashdrive.


That’s the percentage of guns traced in Mexico to United States sources or Federal Firearms Licensees [gun dealers] according to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

In September 2009, the Mexican government provided ATF with “electronic files containing firearms identifiers and recovery data. The electronic files contained information that initiated over 43,000 firearms traces, excluding duplicates, with most having recovery years ranging from CY 2007…

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