Spring is coming, and I’m not ready!

12 Mar

First, relax! We have a couple of weeks yet. I start with “The List”, a simple yet daunting set of must do things like fertilize the lawn, tuneup the mower, (and yes, sharpening the blade is part of a tuneup). Then there’s the dreaded Honey do list, (we’ll ignore that till it gives us a headache, and we run out of excuses!) Either way, it’s coming, and I welcome it!

Simple lawn care tips, if you’re  reseeding, wait till your second cut to apply weed killer.

Cut your grass high, it will help cut the amount of water needed, and make it harder on the weeds to sprout!

If you mulch, (strongly recommended) use a crosscut pattern, this will ensure grass clippings are fine, and retun nutrients to the soil.

Suck it in Men, the ladies are watching!


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